In the last 8 years, this exact business-building process has helped over 11,000 students working in more than 30 industries generate real results, real revenue, and real raving fans...


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Does your business suffer from 

Marketing Dysfunction™

  • Have you launched your course and been disappointed with the results?
  • Wonder why your sales page isn't converting?
  • Is your time and brilliance being wasted giving everything away for free?
  • ​Are you beginning to wonder if you’re focusing on all the wrong things?
  • ​Have you tried the point and dance thing on Instagram Reels despite the icky feeling it gave you?
  • ​Do you have space in your calendar for more ideal customers?
  • Is your lack of sales keeping you stuck?

If you answered yes to even 1 of the questions above, there’s a good chance your business is suffering from Marketing Dysfunction™…

And that isn’t your fault...

It doesn’t matter if you’re a:

  • Life coach with the power to change lives.
  • ​Productivity expert who can magically give people an extra 10 hours a week.
  • Sleep consultant who can give parents their lives back.
  • ​Health coach who can help people live longer and feel better.
  • ​Copywriter who specializes in stories that move people to buy.
  • ​Photographer who can capture life’s precious moments through the lens of a camera.
  • ​​Rising star in direct sales who wants to make more money or help others do the same.
  • ​Business coach who can help people get instant clarity.
  • ​Fitness coach who can energize and revitalize people.

Marketing DysfunCtion™

What is it?

Marketing Dysfunction™ is...

an unintentional result of the past 10 years of online marketing.

Marketing is intended to keep you in lack, showing you all the things you’re missing out on.

There’s nothing wrong with showing people how you can help them but when an entire industry gets out of balance, then you start to see out of balance results.

You've seen this right? 

  • One of your coaches showing a pic of the new home they just purchased.
  • A guy who spoke at a conference you attended posing in front of his Tesla.

To be clear there is NOTHING wrong with this.
It can inspire us all to stretch for our dreams.

But when the industry becomes one where the 1 percent are creating the results everyone is paying for, then we have a problem.

That problem is Marketing Dysfunction™, and you don’t solve it with more marketing. 

Let's talk numbers.
25 Fortune 500 CEOs were asked independently of each other what department directly contributes to the bottom line of your business.

The answer?
Not Accounting
Not Product Development
Not Marketing

100% of those fortune 500 CEOs’ agreed all of the departments are important but SALES is the department that kept the businesses in the black.

All the tears that come with the joy of an online business

How many marketing classes have you purchased?

  STOP - Hold your head high as you answer the above question.

The cycle of shame around investing in your business and buying classes you never finish ends here. If you invested in 1 class or 50 courses, you are betting on yourself and your dream. Celebrate that you're braver than your neighbor who is playing it safe but miserable.

Now let’s step into the circle of trust, no judgment as you answer the next question.

Is all that work you’ve done to get your... avatar solid, your niche clear, copy written, funnels created, course created... producing real customers?

  • The job of marketing is to keep people in want.
  • The job of sales is turning those people into customers.
  • The job of Authentic Selling® is to turn those people into customers without being a sales bully.
Marketing does not convert. Sales is the ONLY thing that creates predictable conversions in any business.
Can you see how Marketing Dysfunction™ shows up in the online world and in your business?

You do need both marketing and sales to run a thriving business but marketing isn’t designed to do the heavy lifting of closing clients.



the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Marketing doesn't work without selling. It is right there in the definition.

In contrast the definition of selling is:

The exchange of money for a product or service.

Translation - sales is HOW your business makes money.

You’ve learned from the “best of the best” how to market.

Now learn how to turn that blood, sweat, and tears into actual customers.

“You’re ready.  
You’re so ready. 
It’s unbelievable how ready you are.

You are ready for Authentic Selling®

What is Authentic Selling®?

The only rule of Authentic Selling® is that you should NEVER have to do something that feels out of integrity to close customers.

For a solid decade Authentic Selling® has been the sales solution that the legends of the industry have turned to “fix” declining sales, less than stellar launches, and lost revenue.

For nearly a decade Authentic Selling® University has been the place brave businesses go to learn how to turn all the marketing education and efforts into real customers.

“I am part of the first round of students for good reason. Kendrick's sales methodology changed my approach to selling and changed my business.

Lisa Porter   - Class of 2013

What is Authentic Selling® University?

Authentic Selling® University - where Consultants, Coaches, Course creators, learn how to make their marketing efforts convert into real customers.

Your Authentic Selling® Experience Includes

The Authentic Selling® University Library - lifetime access to having a virtual sales expert on your team.

The Authentic Selling® University Curriculum - to turn your marketing into real customers.

The Authentic Selling® University Study Hall - where you become part of something bigger than yourself, the #ASUCrew.

By having the tools, guidelines, and therefore confidence to actively sell to my clients, I have been able to increase my proposal-to-job rate. I made over 40K after one session with Kendrick.

—Emily Thompson, Designer & Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs

Now I feel guilty for NOT selling potential clients on my services because I feel like I am denying them the chance to get the educational or professional opportunities of their dreams. And oftentimes, if I don’t sell them, they could possibly miss out on thousands of free dollars or waste thousands of dollars going through another round of applications. 

—Shawna-Kaye Lester, College and Medical Admissions Consultant

I made more money in one month than all of last year using Authentic Selling®. I have seen an increase in my confidence like never before. I know what I have to do and exactly how to do it. I can tell you this is a game changer for me.

—Mimi Bishop

You completely changed my thinking around selling. I seriously can't believe I went from hating it so bad that I would avoid it to actually excited to do it.” 

—Kayla Eggenberger, Coach

I can now build a business that I truly feel good about, in a way that feels good to me. I was starting to absolutely hate my business because the only way I had to sell it felt so disgusting and wrong.

—Zack Shay, Copywriter

Cheating On A Test Is Underrated 🤭

Well maybe not actual cheating...but inside Authentic Selling® University I’m sharing all my work for you to take and tweak and immediately apply to your business.

From day 1...

Without watching 1 class...

you can start closing more sales with the Authentic Selling® Library and Take-n-Tweaks

The Authentic Selling® Library Take-n-Tweaks are the ONLY thing many businesses use to convert their marketing efforts into real buyers.

"I sold to 3 new customers each $5500 and 1 VIP customer for $8000. Almost $ 25K worth in business."

—Petra Iuliano, Iuliano Intelligent Marketing
Class of 2018
"I just signed my first client with the formula and PAID for my investment in learning Authentic Selling®!!!"

—Carol Egan, Executive Health Coach
Class of 2019
"I just had to share- I used some of the resources in the Authentic Selling® Library and booked two of the biggest packages I’ve ever sold"

—Megan Hines, Bee Wise Sleep Consulting
Class of 2019

What Makes The Authentic Selling® University Library Special?

“The Best Virtual Library There Is.”
-Tonya C. Crombie

“All the take and tweaks are a gold mine!”
-Melissa LaBorde  Class of 2019

“Happy to be sharing a win! 4 LOVE follow-ups later and a client has resigned with me in one of my larger programs! Woot woot! It's all about the follow-up! I probably would have given up on her...but I know better now. Thank you, thank you, Kendrick!”
-Lindsay Weisenthal   Class of 2017

How Students Use The Library To Close Clients From Day 1...

Got a question about how to:

  • Handle a difficult client?
  • Reach back out to a prospect who showed interest before?
  • Find the right words to write sales emails, pitch podcasts, create your sales page?

Inside the Authentic Selling® University Library you will find:

  • Over 30 done for you follow-ups and sales emails all proven to convert
  • Access to sales pages that have created over 2 million dollars in sales
  • Use entire launch funnels that led to $500k in sales for your own business
  • ​See social media schedule that takes you from crickets to being heard

“What’s different about the Authentic Selling® University Library is that the Take-n-Tweaks are actually Take-n-Tweaks for every business. You can shape them and mold them into what you need for your business very easily.”
-Melody Wilding

The Authentic Selling® Take- n-Tweaks are iconic because from day 1 you do not have to LEARN anything new to see your marketing efforts start to convert.

Think of the Take-n-Tweaks as an “If this..” “then that” place for you to have sales expertise 24 hours a day/7 days a week. 

If you have a customer who has a price objection:

  • Open the Library.
  • Find the emails written for you to send to your prospect.
  • Fill in your business info.
  • ​Send.

If you want to raise your prices:

  • Open the Library.
  • Find the emails I’ve used personally in my business to raise prices.
  • ​Plug in your business information.
  • ​Send with confidence that your list will see this increase as a BENEFIT to them rather than just a price increase to make more money. 

“Whenever I feel stuck while writing a funnel, an email, a follow up a launch campaign, etc... I simply do another dive into Kendrick's take 'n' tweak library, find the file that's right for the situation, copy and paste it, then tweak it a bit to make it my own.”

“The Authentic Selling® University Library is like having a sales expert sitting next to you, showing you precisely how to use the written word to navigate each and every single situation that may arise in your business.”

“What I've been telling people is that the investment in ASU is worth it just to get the Library”

“There are so many templates on almost anything you'll come up against.”

“It finally got me from a blank page where I was trying to write copy to a complete website and sales funnel”

“The Authentic Selling® University Library is a game-changer. No more overthinking a response and staring at a blank email unsure of what to say. I know how to respond and it’s SO much better than what I would spend hours coming up with on my own.”

"The sales I’ve closed using the Take-n-tweak follow-ups has far exceeded the investment in ASU." -Becky Dickson   Class of 2015

Isn’t Authentic Selling® University a course where I have to watch hours of content to start seeing a return on the investment?

In five words or less…

No, because that won’t work!

Authentic Selling® University was created to take the ick out of selling online.

The Authentic Selling® Curriculum

You’ve already checked the box on taking classes and courses you don’t need hours of content that MUST be consumed by a certain “end course date”.

ASU is more of a Netflix experience.

  • Simply log in at any time
  • Find the class you need to solve your immediate problem.
  • Watch and Implement
  • ​Problem solved, crisis avoided in less than an hour.
  • ​Repeat as new devil pops up.


Sales Pages


Sales Emails

Media Pitches

Social Media


Sales Pages


Sales Emails

Media Pitches

Social Media

Written Sales Communications

  Do your sales emails get opened?

  Does your sales page create buyers?

Put on your favorite PJs, get comfy and watch class 6.

Your written communication will do the job it’s intended to do. You will stand out among the crowd.

Verbal Sales Communications

  Do you fumble and worry about being pushy on sales calls?

  Have you been avoiding going live because you don’t know to ask for the business without feeling gross?

Grab a glass of wine and watch class 4, your sales calls will not only convert but they will FEEL authentic.

Social Selling

  Are you drowning in the sea of sameness on social media?

  Have you even tried that point and dance thing on IG (no shame, I did it too)

Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and finally understand how to sell on social media without the ick AND without losing the feeling of being unique.

Have A Look At Some Of The Iconic 
Authentic Selling® Tools 


tool to make untangle be understandable.


on your customers and hear yes more.


your way to get support as you learn.


 business plan to getting your first paying clients


your way to more sales.


your customers & show them you are the best solution.


tool that protects you from ever feeling like a sales bully.


to create clarity in your offers.

The tools are cool like that but don’t let that fool you.

"I just signed my biggest client!!! 

I'm over the moon, dancing, running around in little circles. 

Before the call, I pulled up the sales script I'd worked on in Authentic Selling® University. 
I read through it. I practiced out loud. (I also listened to dance music and shook off my energy!) And then I got on the phone. 

This would not have been possible without all your practical, no-nonsense professionalism, and your incredible generosity in sharing your time and experience. You are an amazing mentor. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have found you when I started this journey. 

I got on a sales call, and just signed a second 6k client!"

Class of 2019

The ASU Library + The Proven ASU Curriculum
Your Marketing Efforts Creating Real Customers

Every single class on demand comes with its own section of Take-n-Tweaks inside the Library. Meaning we’ve already applied the lesson to assets you can use in your business immediately.

Marketing Dysfunction™ not only causes you to believe you’re missing the next great tool but the psychological effect leaves us feeling like failures, sucking our confidence away.

Your business is not broken.
You are not broken.

End the cycle of shame. Hold your head high. Be proud of every single cent you’ve poured into your dream.

The #ASUCrew

The home of the #ASUCrew is Study Hall, located in a Facebook group, which is no ordinary community.

We have an A. B. C. approach to Authentic Selling® University Study Hall.

You become part of the #ASUCrew for life.

You will have access to work with Alumni and get feedback from past students which means you have a safe place to bounce ideas off of and learn from one another.

Inside of Study Hall, you are the boss and tell us where you need additional help. We will pop up training as needed to ensure your business has what it needs to continue the growth you’ve created as a student.

You become an official part of the #ASUCrew where you can network and support earth others business dreams.

#ASUCrew is one of the most giving communities I’ve seen and that has nothing to do with me.

I've witnessed past and present students support each other, hire each other, learn from each other, create community and friendships with each other. It is the way it should be done.

But it goes beyond the money for you... 

Everyone you’ve worked with so far has raved about how much you’ve helped them and how grateful they are for you. This outpouring of appreciation is something you’ve never experienced in any job. 

It feels so great to finally do work that matters. 

These days, when you meet people at social gatherings, they ask, “What do you do?”

You just love to gush about how much you truly love what you do. Your excitement is an inspiration for the people you’re talking to as well!

None of this is a farfetched dream. You don’t need to be an Instagram influencer or famous on YouTube to experience this business and lifestyle.

Community and Support Done Right

  • Appearing on top podcasts
  • Getting hired to film for an entire month in Maui
  • Becoming featured on national television
  • Sharing offers so that you get more exposure and clients

Inside the Authentic Selling® Study Hall Facebook group you will find the most supportive, caring, and intelligent group of business owners, the ASUCrew, ready to support and celebrate your wins.

Authentic Selling® isn't about me.
Authentic Selling® isn't about past Alumni results.

Authentic Selling® is for you. You are the hero of your business.

But the #ASUCrew and I can hardly wait celebrate you....

Celebrate the pride you will feel when you see your marketing efforts begin to pay off.

  • Make 1 change and sign 4 new clients within the week.
  • In 1 week sell your first 4 figure package.
  • ​See a 33% increase in your sales within 4 weeks.
  • Make more money in one month than all of last year.
  • ​Send 1 email and watch 6 new sales come as a result.
  • Sign $15k in new business after 2 weeks.
  • Book yourself out solid for the next year with premium paying customers.
  • ​Make 1 post on social media (without a following or a list) and create 90 new leads as a result.

If you cringe when you read the above results. I get it. Marketing Dysfunction™ has caused us all to be skeptical.

Every single result you see is one where a business owner, like you, went on to become the hero of their very own business. 

“You are ready. 
You are more than ready. 
It’s unbelievable how ready you are.

Get Started Now

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Upgrade your Authentic Selling® University Experience

Need hands on support? Upgrade and get all of the above plus:

  • Feedback from Kendrick on every assignment
  • A full year of No Question Left Behind coaching with Kendrick (24 coaching calls)
  • A full year of No Question Left Behind tech support coaching with Chelle, the Ops Expert (12 coaching calls)

A Full Year of Authentic Selling® Coaching Support for as low as $422 a month.

One Payment of



Six Monthly Payments of



Twelve Monthly Payments of



Private Session with Kendrick Shope


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Need Help or Have Questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best choice for you.

Tour The ASU Virtual Campus Here 

Experience The ASU Difference

"It was my first 6 figure year that allowed me to hire a team."

- Emily Thompson

Being Boss co-host and founder of Indie Shopography
Class of 2014

“I see a very different teaching style for a group program. I learned that there are much more possibilities than I thought. Your energy energizes the whole group. it helps us to be ourselves, to help, and to show up as we are - with strengths and insecurities. And all is OK. The mindset shifts I experienced….The step by step learning process…. The uncountable small aha moments that make such a difference in my ability to create success.”

- Astrid Von Weittenhiller   Class of 2018

“The way you break down in simple, easy to understand terms things like Features, Benefits, and Pain Points. And how you teach us that Benefits are what sells, not Features. Details like that are gold! The proven sales techniques and sales psychology you share with us are invaluable.”

- Donna Wilhelms   Class of 2019
Prior to enrolling in Authentic Selling® University I wasn't bringing in consistent students. My business was 1.5 years old and I was struggling with how to communicate the value of my services and overcome money objections for the college student population.
After enrolling in sales school the first client I used Kendrick's consult call script said yes to a $450.00 offer. The first offer I had sold over the phone at that high of a price point.

I enrolled 18 students into my 1:1 services between Feb -May 2017. Where ALL of 2016 I only had 11. 

I also made more in the 4 months that I was enrolled and applying everything in sales school than I had all of 2016. I was hearing fewer objections because I was able to communicate to my clients the benefits of working with me in a way I had never been before.

I don't know if you're struggling in your business right now. Maybe you have it all together. Maybe you know exactly how to overcome objections. Maybe you have a calendar full of clients and you're making 7 figures but if you're not, I highly suggest you enroll in sales school.

Kendrick practices what she teaches and she goes above and beyond to make sure you see success if you show up and put in the work as well.



Do you ever feel like you are going round and round in circles trying to figure out exactly what to say to your clients?

Well I have to tell you I have just had the most AMAZING call with Kendrick Shope! I have been trying to figure out the right words for the last few weeks and she completely nailed it within 20 minutes!!

- Louise Danielle   Class of 2015

Natalie is booked out 6 months in advance!

- Natalie Coombe

The Pricing Expert
Class of 2019
"Sales School is gonna change your business and your life."

Marsha Shandur

Founder & Networking Mentor, Yes Yes Marsha
Class of 2014
"In 2018 I’ve made all I’ve done in 2017 in a month."

Clarissa Rodriguez

Study skills strategist, She Rocks @College
Class of 2016
"That’s a skill that will forever stay with me."

Maru  Iabichela

Class of 2014

"Go for it!"

"As a copywriter + content creator I learned sales skills that I've been able to apply not just in my own business, but in the copy and content I write for my clients. Kendrick offers so much value, plus you meet some amazing people as you partner up to practice!"

Jennifer Bryant Robbins
Class of 2018

The interactive nature of the class which spurred me to dig far deeper into the work than I imagined was even possible. 

The class has been far more demanding than I expected, which is wonderful because I have gotten a huge return for every bit of effort that I've put in. I am open to making these kind of investments in a way that I was not before, and I hope I'll be as lucky in my future training investments as I was in this one.

 Before I was confident that I was going to make this enterprise work, although I knew very little about the how. Now I know something about the how, and I see that it's not magic, and now I really believe in myself.

Gregory Lee   - Class of 2019

It’s time for a change.

This is the year you finally MAKE YOUR MARKETING PAY OFF.

Become part of the #ASUCrew 


"It was a big investment, but I was swayed by the fact that sales were my weak point, and she promised to make them feel GOOD, not icky or sleazy or gross.

I have never, in all of my time as a course junkie, seen this level of 1:1 support and feedback. In a course! Kendrick Shope is the QUEEN of over-delivering.”

Yael Bendahan, Digital Marketing Strategist
Class of 2018

“I close nearly every client after learning Authentic Selling®

I am not a salesperson (or so I thought), but recently I found myself doing some sales work—for my dad of all people (so no issues with needing to do a good job there, then!).
Kendrick’s laser-sharp insight, excellent questions, skilled ability to listen and understand, and years of experience in sales all combined to give me thirty of the most powerful minutes of coaching I’ve experienced in a long while.
She confidently asserted that she didn’t think I’d have any problems selling the product, and so far, she has been proved right. I take the approaches and strategies she taught me to every sales call, email and meeting, and I am experiencing amazing flow and ease in my work.
Kendrick, you are amazing. I cannot thank you enough.”

Elloa Atkinson
Class of 2017

"Kendrick's remarkable at helping to get clear and craft a selling process!!!"

 “I had a 1/2 hour bonus session with Kendrick last fall that blew the doors off of any biz coaching session I've ever had!! She's remarkable at helping to get clear and craft a selling process!!!”

Jacqueline Rimmer
Class of 2015

"You made me feel like my dreams are totally doable"

“In fifteen minutes, you immediately identified the challenges I face as a new entrepreneur still working a full-time job and a mom of two. You made me feel like my dreams are totally doable, you went above and beyond helping me research a question about testimonials, and you helped me solve a problem I didn’t even know I had: the fear of not having enough time to serve my clients once they click “pay”!

I am now super confident I can grow my business in manageable steps and you reinforced that sales is really a process of giving. This one lesson will increase the value of my program 10x for my customers.”

Cara Citrowske
Class of 2014

“That’s a skill that will forever stay with me.”

—Maru Iabichella, The Queen of Infinite Expansion

“Everything is entirely portable. If you want to stop doing what you're doing and become a psychic, or a llama herder, or a tap dancing teacher for cats; this will help you sell it.”

—LeighAnn Heil, Messaging, Stage, and Media Strategist


We have the answers to your questions


Still have questions? For more specific answers, please email us at or chat with us directly!

“I booked $52K in business in one week.” —Laura Husson    Class of 2014

“My business had a huge breakthrough and I have much more time and headspace.” —Anna    Class of 2019

“I’ve doubled my income in my first year since applying Kendrick’s lessons.” —Lais Scortegagna    Class of 2018

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Twelve Monthly Payments of



Upgrade your Authentic Selling® University Experience

Need hands on support? Upgrade and get all of the above plus:

  • Feedback from Kendrick on every assignment
  • A full year of No Question Left Behind coaching with Kendrick (24 coaching calls)
  • A full year of No Question Left Behind tech support coaching with Chelle, the Ops Expert (12 coaching calls)

A Full Year of Authentic Selling® Coaching Support for as low as $422 a month.

One Payment of



Six Monthly Payments of



Twelve Monthly Payments of



Private Session with Kendrick Shope


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Need Help or Have Questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best choice for you.
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