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In the last 8 years, this exact business-building process has helped over 11,000 students working in more than 30 industries generate real results, real revenue, and real raving fans...

Authentic Selling® University

 Unleash Your Potential 

See how it can give you:

The confidence to share your passion with the world.

The flexibility to work on your own terms.

And the business smarts to make more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Authentic Selling® University

 Unleash Your Potential 

See how it can give you:

The confidence to share your passion with the world.

The flexibility to work on your own terms.

And the business smarts to make more money than you ever dreamed possible.

You are here for a reason.

You have a message to share, but you feel stuck.

You keep thinking...

there has to be more than this

The time-sucking commute.
Two weeks of vacation which is not enough to experience life with the people you love.

Life is meant to be lived.
Work is meant to be fulfilling.

If you are really honest with yourself, when you lay your head on your pillow each night, this lifestyle is making you feel a little bit emptier every day. 

As sure as my hair is red, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

just imagine...

It’s Tuesday, 9:30 am. You just finished your workout, and you’re about to hop into your car and head back home.

Before you open the door, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the driver’s side window.

Your skin is glowing. You’ve never looked, or felt, better.

Ever since you started your business and took control over your schedule, you haven’t missed a workout in months. 

You gleam with pride and smile as you step into your car. 

On the way home, there’s hardly any traffic. After all, rush hour doesn’t exist for you—not on your new schedule.

Any remnants of stress just melt away as you cruise down the road blasting your favorite playlist.

You pass by all the corporate parks lining the street and briefly reminisce about your old life: The drab fluorescent lights, disgruntled coworkers, pointless meetings, and endless cups of stale coffee just to get through the day.

It all seems like forever ago. You couldn’t imagine ever going back to that life now. You laugh at the mere thought of it.

Finally, you approach your place and pull in to park your car. You’re home.
As you’re getting ready for the day, a text comes in. It’s your parents. They want to come visit next Thursday and Friday for a long weekend.

You reply: OK.

You make a note to yourself to not schedule anything for those two days.

Family has always been a priority to you, and you’re glad you get to spend more time with them lately.

Now it’s 11:05 am. You grab a seat at your dining room table and open up your laptop. 

You check your email and can’t believe what you see: 17 new inquiries just from yesterday—all from people who are dying to work with you.

A quick, back-of-an-envelope calculation reveals that signing just two of them as regulars would bump your monthly income to over $15,000 a month.

It’s hard to believe you can make that much money doing work you love.

But it goes beyond the money for you... 

Everyone you’ve worked with so far has raved about how much you’ve helped them and how grateful they are for you. This outpouring of appreciation is something you’ve never experienced in any job. 

It feels so great to finally do work that matters. 

These days, when you meet people at social gatherings, they ask, “What do you do?”

You just love to gush about how much you truly love what you do. Your excitement is an inspiration for the people you’re talking to as well!

None of this is a farfetched dream. You don’t need to be an Instagram influencer or famous on YouTube to experience this business and lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you just have an inkling of an idea in your head, or...

If you’ve been running a business for years without much to show for it.

You can take the first step towards creating this reality for yourself today.

"I sold to 3 new customers each $5500 and 1 VIP customer for $8000. Almost $ 25K worth in business."

—Petra Iuliano, Iuliano Intelligent Marketing
"I just signed my first client with the formula and PAID for my investment in learning Authentic Selling®!!!"

—Carol Egan, Executive Health Coach 
"I just had to share- I used some of the resources in the Authentic Selling® Library and booked two of the biggest packages I’ve ever sold"

—Megan Hines, Bee Wise Sleep Consulting
Authentic Selling® helps you make money while still being genuine in your core values. In other words, it lets you be you.
Too many courses promise a secret “formula,” but they only end up throwing you into that sea of sameness. 
That’s why you can buy course after course, follow a multitude of best practices, and not see any results.

You’re literally doing the same thing as everyone else. You don’t stand out in any way. 

You end up running big discount offers to get a few sales or using other random tactics. Let’s be honest, it all feels like you’re constantly pushing a boulder up a hill.

Authentic Selling® is different.

It brings all your talents, your personality, your quirks, and everything else that makes you unique to the surface.

All of a sudden, potential clients will start finding you, and they’ll be more than happy to pay your full rates to work with you.

When you infuse your entire business with Authentic Selling®, everything changes.

Doubts and uncertainties about running a business vanish. You’ll have instant clarity and confidence on what you should be doing to make real revenue.

Your business uniqueness begins to shine through, and your potential customers realize they can’t get what you do anywhere else. You are the solution your people have been searching for. 

In the past eight years, Authentic Selling® has been used by over 11,000 thousand people working in more than 33 industries.

Students finally feel like they’re in the driver’s seat of their modern businesses. They’re landing better clients and making more money.

By having the tools, guidelines, and therefore confidence to actively sell to my clients, I have been able to increase my proposal-to-job rate. I made over 40K after one session with Kendrick.

—Emily Thompson, Designer & Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs

I can now build a business that I truly feel good about, in a way that feels good to me. I was starting to absolutely hate my business because the only way I had to sell it felt so disgusting and wrong.

—Zack Shay, Copywriter

I made more money in one month than all of last year using Authentic Selling®. I have seen an increase in my confidence like never before. I know what I have to do and exactly how to do it. I can tell you this is a game changer for me.

—Mimi Bishop

You completely changed my thinking around selling. I seriously can't believe I went from hating it so bad that I would avoid it to actually excited to do it.” 

—Kayla Eggenberger, Coach

Now I feel guilty for NOT selling potential clients on my services because I feel like I am denying them the chance to get the educational or professional opportunities of their dreams. And oftentimes, if I don’t sell them, they could possibly miss out on thousands of free dollars or waste thousands of dollars going through another round of applications. 

—Shawna-Kaye Lester, College and Medical Admissions Consultant


These people work in all different industries. They come from all different backgrounds, and with different levels of experience.

They all have a few things in common:

  • They had life-changing work to do in the world
  • They were ready for a better way
  • They infused their businesses with Authentic Selling® to catapult their success.

welcome to

It doesn’t matter if you’re a:

  • Life coach with the power to change lives.
  • Productivity expert who can magically give people an extra 10 hours a week.
  • Health coach who can help people live longer and feel better.
  • ​Copywriter who specializes in stories that move people to buy.
  • ​Photographer who can capture life’s precious moments through the lens of a camera.
  • ​Rising star in direct sales who wants to make more money or help others do the same.
  • ​Business coach who can help people get instant clarity.
  • ​Fitness coach who can energize and revitalize people.

Authentic Selling® University can give you the tools you need to not only succeed in today’s environment, but also build a business and life you’re excited about for many years to come.

By the time you’re done with Authentic Selling® University, you’ll learn to sell with unshakeable confidence. You’ll be able to redirect any objections with ease. Best of all, you’ll feel great during the entire sales process, and so will your clients and customers.

how would it feel...

  • Waking up to a calendar full of events (around your schedule, of course).
  • ​Being able to stop giving hours of your time away for free and booking your first client.
  • ​Making more money in one month than you did in all of last year.
  • ​Getting 90 new leads from ONE Facebook post.
  • ​Booking out six months in advance and creating a waiting list.

These are just a taste of the actual real results students have experienced when they implemented the entire Authentic Selling® business-building process.

“I booked $52K in business in one week.” —Laura Husson

“My business had a huge breakthrough and I have much more time and headspace.” —Anna, Coach

“I’ve doubled my income in my first year since applying Kendrick’s lessons.” —Lais Scortegagna

“I created a six-month waiting list within eight weeks.
Kendrick showed me more effective ways to explain to potential clients how I can help them. I feel more confident than ever in my consult process. I also got ideas, tools, and approaches for handling the clients who do “need to think about it” or who truly can’t afford to work with me. I know how to respond to those questions without being too pushy or too passive.
Within a few weeks of working with Kendrick, I signed on three clients who would have otherwise said “no.” They were perfect clients for me, but they weren’t ready to say “yes” on the phone. With Kendrick’s help, I was able to do authentic, genuine, caring follow-up emails to help those prospects decide that I was the perfect coach for them…. and sign up to work with me. Then, within eight weeks of working with Kendrick, I was able to fill a six-month waiting list!
Not only did I get immediate results from working with Kendrick, the ideas she’s taught me will serve me and my business indefinitely. Thank you, Kendrick!!” —Jenny Shih, Business Coach and Consultant

Inside Authentic Selling® University, you’ll find classes designed to harness everything that makes you and your business unique, and put them into a framework which makes your ideal clients and customers want to work with you.

Authentic Selling® University shows you how to make consistent, monthly income doing work you love.

Class 1

Your Sales Mindset

“I'm not sure how to put this in words, but I've taken other courses similar to yours before (although not as targeted at sales, but they promised to teach sales). I've NEVER gotten the clarity about how and what to say before. Something about how you teach is amazing and clicks with me. You've simplified what was seemingly complicated before.” 

—Heather Moulder,  Career Success Coach

Don’t let the simplicity of this class fool you. This is where you’ll learn the foundations of Authentic Selling®.

If you’ve ever felt the “ick” while trying to sell something, be assured there’s a better way, and you’ll learn all about it in this class.

Here’s a glimpse into the valuable insights and strategies you’ll get in Class 1:

  • The simple mindset shift that takes the “ick” out of selling.
  • The 7 Steps of Selling you need to master if you ever want to build a successful business.
  • ​The #1 reason people don’t buy and how to overcome it!

Class 2

Writing Your
About Me Page

“I was able to create a consistent and effective message in every medium that I use to communicate... the website copy, sales call and social media. This course is fabulous.” 

—Carla Hightower, 

According to HubSpot, next to your homepage, your About Me page is the most visited destination on your site.

If people decide they’re going to stick around to learn more about you, they’ll usually click over to your About page. 

Once you’re finished with this class, you can hit “publish” with the confidence of knowing that you’re putting your best, most authentic self forward. 

Whenever you meet people and tell them about your site, you won’t need to throw in the qualifier, “Oh, my site is a mess now. I need to redo it.”

Class 3

Writing Your Sales Page

“I have more clients, website copy I adore which really speaks to my ideal client, and am able to lead my consultations with authentic confidence.” 

—Caroline Zwick, Authenticity and Goal Setting Coach

This class is a business-changer for most modern business owners. Once you complete, you’ll be able to craft a sales message with ease.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or service. The right message that pulls the right emotional levers can move people to take action. 

The power of a great sales page is that it works for you around the clock to bring in new sales and inquiries.

Most copywriting courses on the market can sell for anywhere from $500 to $1,000 alone. 

This makes admission to Authentic Selling® University well worth it.

Class 4

Sales Conversations That Convert For Online Business

“Got my first customer using Kendrick Shope’s awesome consult script! And my opt-ins are up 20%.”
 —Suzy Rosenstein 

“I used Kendrick’s call script and the client said yes to a $450 offer. The first offer I had sold over the phone at that high of a price point.” 
—Clarissa Rodriguez, Study Skills Strategist

You open your inbox, and right there is an inquiry from a potential client. They want to set up a time to talk!

So, you arrange a time and day. You’re excited! This is someone you really want to work with!

When the time draws nearer and nearer, you start playing the conversation in your head. “It’s going to be perfect,” you think to yourself.

Then the actual call rolls around. All of a sudden, your palms become sweaty and you freeze up. You barely make it past the awkward small talk without your voice trembling.

You get off the call, kicking yourself wondering why you just couldn’t hold it together.

If this situation sounds familiar, you’re going to love Class 4. 

Master sales conversations - You'll get an exact roadmap you can follow to sell with confidence over and over again.

Class 5

Overcoming Objections

"The discovery call class and overcoming objections was HUGE for me - I'm not nervous about discovery calls anymore!"

Once you start having sales conversations, you’re going to hear a lot of objections from people…

  • “Now is not a good time.”
  • ​“It’s too expensive.”
  • ​“I need to think it over.”
  • ​“I just need more information.”
The list goes on and on.

The problem is that most people don’t go into calls expecting these objections. They’re completely unprepared. If you expect them, you can build a toolbox to redirect them with ease.

In Class 5, you'll learn 12 specific tools to overcome all types of objections, including word-for-word scripts. Like the rest of the Authentic Selling® process, none of these are high-pressure, argumentative, or sleazy.

In fact, you’ll see that, by overcoming objections, you’re actually helping people more.

Class 6

Follow-Up Emails

"Kendrick is the most generous coach I have ever met. With less than a week to go in my sales cycle, I had only sold half the spots in my upcoming online program. I decided to contact Kendrick for a mini-session, hoping I could just get some tips on how to make the most of the last few days. 

Well, Kendrick gave me a step-by-step plan and a full outline for a follow-up email script. I followed it to a T and not only sold out my program in five days, but went over my goal number by 25%!

 I am constantly amazed by the high quality, valuable content Kendrick provides her clients and potential clients alike. 
She is the real deal.” —Megan Flatt

Research shows that 50%–80% of sales are closed during the follow-up process. It can take anywhere from 5–7 efforts to get a “yes.”

However, a surprising number of people don’t do any at all. They think of following up as bothering or assume that just because someone said “no” the first time, it means “never.”

There is NOTHING on the market like what you get in this class. 

As a student, you get the complete Authentic Selling® follow-up system, including a take-n-tweak workbook which covers any situation you’ll encounter when running a business.

These are proven, tested templates you can modify for your unique situation so you won’t be stalled over a keyboard wondering what to say and worrying about hitting “send.”

For example, after you’ve had a consult call, you can just grab the “be my customer” follow-up email template and send that off.

You’re going to get provided for you follow-ups for refunds and upset customers, as well as how to handle questions from people who want to buy a course or work with you.

With these follow-up sequences at your disposal, you can build a sales process which makes you more money without having to hunt for new prospects.

Class 7

Buyer Psychology

"I have never learned anything like this before. It works."

In this class, I will show you a 5-step sales process that you can’t learn anywhere else in the world. I picked it up while I was a top salesperson in the Fortune 500 world.

It’s powerful and has helped many of my high-end clients double their launches.

You can apply this to social media, email, and any other content you produce. Before you know it, you’ll have a swarm of eager customers lining up at your doorstep.

Here’s how it works.

There are five distinct psychologies among your buyers and customers. You have to speak to each of them in a different way. However, when business owners produce content—whether it’s on social media or in emails—they default to writing in one form: Their own.

As a result, they miss out on selling to the four other personalities.

Inside Buyer Psychology you will learn conversion communication for all personality types.

Class 8

Funnels and Sales Emails

"Whenever I feel stuck while writing a funnel, an email, a follow up a launch campaign, etc… I simply do another dive into Kendrick’s take ‘n’ tweak library, find the file that’s right for the situation, copy and paste it, then tweak it a bit to make it my own.

What I’ve been telling people is that the investment will make you more money than you spent
It finally got me from a blank page where I was trying to write copy to a complete website and sales funnel.”

Even though Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are growing in popularity, email is still the most effective marketing medium.

Studies show it’s 40 times more effective than social media. If you’re not using email, you’re losing money!

In Class 8, you’re going to learn a game plan for creating funnels and sales emails that convert.

You’ll learn:

  • The most important part of any email you send and how to nail it.
  • How to write calls to action that get clicks.
  • ​The answer to this age-old question: How many emails are too many?
  • ​The most common email marketing mistakes and how to fix them.

Class 9


“I got 90 new leads from 1 post”

I’m a straight shooter, so I’m going to shoot you straight. Prospecting is the MOST OVERLOOKED part of running a modern business.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by...

  • Hearing crickets when you post 15 times a day on social media
  • Humbled that only two people showed up for your webinar you spent the past 21 days perfecting
  • ​Feeling hopeless when no one is clicking through to that sales page you paid a proven copywriter to create

This class is for you. 

Lack of prospecting is THE reason you take a business course, and the strategies fail to work for your business.

If your customers do not know you exist, they cannot buy from you.

Have you ever taken a business building course and thought this is great info but I don’t know where to ACTUALLY find my customers to apply all of this information?

There are people out there dying to work with you, but there are steps you have to take to let those people know you exist.

This class will show you how to find them and how to have your people find you.

Effective prospecting is really the key to having 10, 20, even 30 new inquiries in your inbox each day.

This is the key to having a business that lasts for years to come.

Class 10

Social Selling: NON Paid Advertising

“I created 45 new inquiries from one social media post”

  • Should you have business or personal accounts on the various social media platforms?
  • Is Facebook Live worth it?
  • ​What about Instagram stories?
  • ​How much time should you devote to responding to comments?
  • ​Should you start a YouTube Channel?
  • ​Which social media metrics really matter for your business?

These are all questions you’ll find answers for in Class 10. You’ll also learn how to devise strategies to get the most leverage from the platforms you’re on. 

Too many businesses get on social media because it’s what they’re “supposed to do,” But without a plan, they just end up spinning their wheels, hearing crickets, and feeling lost. 

If you’re going to spend your precious time social selling, you need to understand how to post in a Facebook Group and get 90 new leads from that post. (Yes, it’s possible. Our students have done it.)

Authentic Selling® University

As a graduate of ASU, you receive a plan which allows you to put this all together in your modern business. 

This will be your north star when times get tough. Yes, you will face challenges and struggles. Anytime you get off track, you can just go back to your business plan to get unstuck.

Before you know it, your business will be built upon an unshakeable foundation. You’ll be getting more opens, clicks, likes, shares, and sales. 

BUT what if you get stuck after Authentic Selling® University ends?

Inside of Authentic Selling® University, we do business...

Included in your tuition is a full year of coaching and support as your business grows.

Too many courses are like drinking water from a firehose.

The information may be great, but by the time you consume it, the course ends and the expert is gone, leaving you feeling alone and helpless.

That’s a shortcoming with other courses out there. You get the lessons, but then you’re left out in the deep end to figure the rest out on your own.

We believe our students deserve better support than leaving you out in the deep end to sink or swim.

The Authentic Selling® Difference

You can put Google and YouTube on notice because you no longer will need to search for every answer to your ongoing questions.

The Authentic Selling® Difference includes a full year of sales, business, and technical support for your modern business.

What would it be worth if you could get the answers you needed for an entire year without having to spend another penny?

Coaching From Kendrick For A Full Year

Any time you have a question or something did not go as planned, you can get coaching from me to course correct for a full year. 

Coaching From Other Industry Experts For A Full Year

When you need answers that are outside my area of expertise, just let me know, and we will add this to your monthly continued education and support that’s included for the next full year. 

Monthly Tech Power Hour For A Full Year

As you complete the classes inside of Authentic Selling® University, you’re going to run into questions about how to actually put these best practices into existence.

You may bump up against questions like...

  • How do I tag people in my customer relationship management system?
  • What are the technical steps to hosting a webinar?
  • What is the best platform to accept payments?
Rather than having to lose endless hours googling solutions, simply bring your tech questions to your monthly tech power hour with the COO of all things Authentic Selling®, Chelle Weech. 

Chelle is a virtual operations maven, and having her as a resource for your business growth is like getting the keys to a gold mine of solutions.

Authentic Selling® University really is a one-stop solution to
grow your business.

There is one more deliverable that makes Authentic Selling® University unlike other course options.

You’re the CEO

You’re in control of your learning

You have what you need when you need it, for the life of the experience

You’ll get access to all the classes from the start.

That means you don't have to wait four weeks to learn about sales conversations, or wait six weeks to learn about email marketing.

We still highly recommend you go through the classes from start to finish. It’s all intertwined.

Inside of Authentic Selling® University, all classes are open to you from day one! 

You can shatter the $50K barrier!

You can make a predictable, monthly income.

I’m not promising quick fixes or easy solutions.
Anyone who does that is misleading you.

You WILL have to work—maybe harder than you ever have. 

Once you do the really nitty, gritty hard work, you’ll have what you need to make more money than you ever have. 

You’ll get to choose whom you want to work with. 

You can set your rates higher and people will still gladly pay for your products and services.

You can hire away the tasks you don’t like to do, while focusing on what you do best.

You’ll finally have a business you love that lets you work on your own terms.

With that said, Authentic Selling® University is not a good fit for you if:

  • You don’t have an idea yet.
  • You’re just in it for the money.
  • ​You’re not willing to invest the time and effort to build your business.
  • ​You’re resistant to change.
  • ​You want to jump from tactic to tactic, course to course, expert to expert... without digging in your heels to really build a strong foundation.

However, Authentic Selling® University is a GREAT fit for you if:

  • You want to make an impact.
  • You have a product or service that makes a real difference in the world.
  • ​You’re tired of the old way of selling and doing business.
  • ​You want to build a business for the long haul.
  • ​You have the drive of Rocky Balboa.
  • ​You have the determination of Olivia Pope.

By now, you’ve probably determined if you’re a good fit for Authentic Selling® University.

And you’re probably wondering…

How much is Authentic Selling® University?

With everything I’ve told you so far, it’s easy to see that Authentic Selling® University can pay for itself many times over.

Just imagine your sales page closing one extra sale, signing a new client from the sales conversation roadmap you get in class four, or overcoming an objection using what you learned in class six and signing just one more client.

This isn’t even including all the new opens, clicks, and conversions you’ll get from my class on email marketing.

Now imagine doing this week after week, month after month.

The total monetary value of what’s included in Authentic Selling® University is more than $20k,

But I want Authentic Selling® University to be the most comprehensive, complete, and affordable sales mastery solution out there.

“You get better results for your clients than anyone I have ever seen”

—Ali Brown

You can get access to Authentic Selling® University for just $2,999

Inside Authentic Selling® University you are building a skillset that will last your entire life. You can grow your current business or start new businesses in the future, and this skillset will always follow you.

“That’s a skill that will forever stay with me.”

—Maru Iabichella, The Queen of Infinite Expansion

“Everything is entirely portable. If you want to stop doing what you're doing and become a psychic, or a llama herder, or a tap dancing teacher for cats; this will help you sell it.”

—LeighAnn Heil, Messaging, Stage, and Media Strategist

The fact is many of our students recoup their investment within a few months. Some even make it back in the first week.

Don’t take my word for it, though...

A couple months from now, will you still be doing the same things to try to get your business off the ground, or will you be implementing everything you’ve learned in Authentic Selling® University to have your best month yet?

The choice is now in your hands.

If you’re already running a business, you can implement a lot of the lessons right away and get an instant return on your investment.

If you’re just getting started and want to get your idea out to the world, Authentic Selling® University can help save you months of frustration and wasted time.

The best part?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have $2,999 to spare right now. You can still get started building the business and life of your dreams.

There are multiple payment plan options to choose from which make Authentic Selling® University even more affordable.

Get Started Now

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Need Help or Have Questions?

We're happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best choice for you.

Others who have jumped onboard with me in the past agree...

"It was a big investment, but I was swayed by the fact that sales were my weak point, and she promised to make them feel GOOD, not icky or sleazy or gross.

I have never, in all of my time as a course junkie, seen this level of 1:1 support and feedback. In a course! Kendrick Shope is the QUEEN of over-delivering.”

—Yael Bendahan, Digital Marketing Strategist

“Your genuine concern for our ability to learn and incorporate our learning into our business warms my heart.

Your program is a role model to me of how to over-deliver value! I can’t thank you enough!”
—Jo Ann Kobuke, Coach

"Something about how you teach is amazing and clicks with me. You've simplified what was seemingly complicated before.

I'm not sure how to put this into words, but I've taken other courses similar to yours before (although not as targeted at sales, but they promised to teach sales). I've NEVER gotten the clarity about how and what to say before now.

Also, your Take-N-Tweaks are GOLD (and honestly, one of the biggest reasons I signed up in the first place). Often, I sign up for stuff like that but am disappointed. With yours, I'm blown away about how great they are. And you are super generous and fun... I feel like you're a friend cheering me on. You have given me so much confidence I didn't before have about my new business.”
—Heather Moulder, Life Success and Executive Coach

“I close nearly every client after learning Authentic Selling®

I am not a salesperson (or so I thought), but recently I found myself doing some sales work—for my dad of all people (so no issues with needing to do a good job there, then!).
Kendrick’s laser-sharp insight, excellent questions, skilled ability to listen and understand, and years of experience in sales all combined to give me thirty of the most powerful minutes of coaching I’ve experienced in a long while.
She confidently asserted that she didn’t think I’d have any problems selling the product, and so far, she has been proved right. I take the approaches and strategies she taught me to every sales call, email and meeting, and I am experiencing amazing flow and ease in my work.
Kendrick, you are amazing. I cannot thank you enough.”

—Elloa Atkinson

“More value in 30 minutes than a year-long Mastermind. One more 'hire my help' package sold today over $1,200.00.

I’ve worked with coaches, taken courses, signed up for memberships and joined mastermind groups that didn’t give me half the clarity I got from 30 minutes on the phone with Kendrick. You are f*cking awesome. Thank you.” 

—Amy Wright, The Mom CEO

“I am literally BLOWN AWAY by your dedication to all of us.

C’mon?!!! WHO does this in today’s over-selling world? NO ONE! Everyone says scale, and I say, YOU oh-so gorgeously SHOW the value and need for REAL human support and connection.”

—Carol Egan, Health Coach for High Performers

We have the answers to your questions


Still have questions? For more specific answers, please email us at authenticselling@kendrickshope.com or chat with us directly!

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