Authentic Selling® VIP Experience

A limited availability private consulting experience for an elite few.

Expert Solutions  |  Individual Attention  |  Real Results

Each year I have the privilege of partnering with 10 brilliant business leaders to create customized sales solutions.

The Results?

  • Going from 0 - $20k months
  • Increasing close rate to 80%
  • Launching your first sold out group program
  • ​Paying off six figure student loan
  • ​Relief from crushing business building debt

These are actual results created by businesses who started out with a laptop and an idea.

But the transformations extend beyond the bank account. There are experiences of:

  • Buying your family their dream home
  • Your book hitting NYT bestseller
  • National TV and press appearances
  • ​Launching the top rated podcast on ITUNES
  • Having the freedom and finances to step away when the unimaginable happens without worry

It’s time for you to see all those dollars and hours you’ve poured into your business create real, lasting results.

It’s time to ReImagine Your Online Business

How many more people could you help with a fully customized plan to hit your revenue goals that includes an email strategy, social, and lead generation?

What would happen if you turned on your computer and knew exactly what you needed to do that day to hit your revenue goal for the quarter?

How much time and money would you save by having a 20 year pro available to adjust as needed?

welcome to

The Authentic Selling® VIP Experience

A Private 10 Month Consulting Experience Tailored To Your Business

Limited to only 10 businesses a year because of the intimate partnership involved to create your business success.

What’s Included In Authentic Selling® VIP

2 VIP Planning Days
+ Mini VIP Wrap Up

Have you ever just wanted someone to point you in the right direction with a plan that will work to make your business efforts pay off?

Bringing a decade of online business consulting and 20 years of sales experience into your business, the plan curated from your VIP days will be both unique to you and focus on your strengths.

As a result of your VIP days...

  • Nothing will be left to guess
  • No more resorting to google for help
  • End the “try what she’s trying” because she looks successful
  • ​Leave your VIP Planning Day with a quarterly detailed customized plan to implement to hit your business goals
  • ​No more wondering what to do and when to do it

10 Hours Of Private Consulting Calls

Accountability, Adjustments, and Access to Answers is what you can expect during private consulting calls.

Your private consulting calls will track your success so there are 0 surprises.

We will set goals, and I expect us to hit them or tweak them until we’re on the right track.

Email Support - Olivia Pope Style

The online world moves fast. Often you can’t wait until the next call for an answer.

Your VIP experience includes the ability to shoot me an email and get your questions handled (white hat optional)

The Authentic Selling® VIP Experience is like having a partner in your business for a full year so no matter what comes up you have a plan and a person to help you figure it out.

I’ve been in the online world for a full decade and I can tell you that 100% of the people who are creating the futures we dream about when we entire this world, have worked privately with a consultant at some point.

Businesses that experience the greatest results are open to direct feedback and comfortable with monthly revenue tracking to ensure we’re making progress towards your financial goals.

The real question is who do you want in your corner for the next 10 months.

The Authentic Selling® VIP Experience is a 'by invitation only' opportunity. To be considered follow the steps below. 

Don’t downgrade your dream to match your reality.
Upgrade your belief to match your dream. 

STEP 1: Fill out an application

Filling out an application does not obligate you nor guarantee your acceptance in the VIP Experience. 

Due to the high demand of this experience, applications are processed on a first come basis.

STEP 2: Schedule a virtual meet and greet time during which you give me a glimpse into your vision, business dreams, and a sneak peek of the world you’re creating for yourself and your customers.

The financial investment will be discussed during step 2 but isn’t shared publicly out of respect for those businesses committed to this level of support and growth.

Megan Flatt, Mommy Strategist

"Kendrick gave me a step by step plan and a full outline for a follow up email script. I followed it to a T and not only sold out my program in 5 days, but went over my goal number by 25%!"

Kendrick is the most generous coach I have ever met. With less than a week to go in my sales cycle, I had only sold half the spots in my upcoming online program. I decided to contact Kendrick for a mini-session hoping I could just get some tips on how to make the most of the last few days. 

Well, Kendrick gave me a step by step plan and a full outline for a follow up email script. I followed it to a T and not only sold out my program in 5 days, but went over my goal number by 25%! I am constantly amazed by the high quality, valuable content Kendrick provides her clients and potential clients alike. She is the real deal.

"Kendrick is a magician! Within a few months of working with Kendrick I made my investment back 3 x over."

"Throw any sales dilemma her way and she’ll transform it from jumbled headjam into a crystal clear process. Within a few months of working with Kendrick I made my investment back 3 x over. I now have a sales flow that I’m excited to use, and enables me to serve more of the people who need my help."

-Alicia Cowan, Social Media Strategist

"After working with Kendrick I was able to close over $15,000 in new clients and now I know what works for me and my business."

"Working with Kendrick opened my eyes to another way of selling and having sales conversations. She explained how she is able to shift the sometimes icky sales talk into something that’s more of a relationship builder than a pure transactional event. After working with Kendrick I was able to close over $15,000 in new clients and now I know what works for me and my business. I’ve got a newfound confidence after working with Kendrick, and I know that the initial sales conversation is really just the beginning – even if I hear a ‘maybe later’ or ‘I can’t afford it right now’ instead of a yes"

-Nathalie Lussier, Online Business Strategist

"I created a six month waiting list within eight weeks."

"Kendrick showed me more effective ways to explain to potential clients how I can help them. I feel more confident than ever in my consult process. I also got ideas, tools, and approaches for handling the clients who do “need to think about it” or who truly can’t afford to work with me. I know how to respond to those answers without being too pushy or too passive.

Within a few weeks of working with Kendrick, I signed on three clients that would have otherwise said "no." They were perfect clients for me, but they weren’t ready to say “yes” on the phone. With Kendrick’s help, I was able to do authentic, genuine, caring follow-up emails to help those prospects decide that I was the perfect coach for them…. and sign up to work with me. Then, within 8 weeks of working with Kendrick, I was able to fill a 6 month waiting list! 

Not only did I get immediate results from working with Kendrick, the ideas she’s taught me will serve me and my business indefinitely."

-Jenny Shih, Business Coach & Consultant, Jenny Shih

"I booked 52k in business in one week."

-Laura Husson

"Kendrick was a crucial part of helping me establish a strong foundation to grow my business, that resulted in me working with over 40 amazing private coaching clients with just my first offer!"

-Pramilda Zackhariyas, Life Purpose Coach & Inner Bling® Ignitor