“The Best Virtual Library There Is”

You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before in the Online Industry.”

What the Authentic Selling® University Library Is NOT

“Another training to consume or sit on your virtual bookshelf collecting dust.”

What the Authentic Selling® University Library Is

“Everything you need to communicate effectively with clients and book your potential customers.”

Got a question about how to:

  • Handle a difficult client?
  • Reach back out to a prospect who showed interest before?
  • Find the right words to write sales emails, pitch podcasts, create your sales page?

What the Authentic Selling® University Library Is

Over 30 done for you follow-ups and sales emails all proven to convert

Access to sales pages that have created over 2 million dollars in sales

Use entire launch funnels that led to $500k in sales for your own business

See social media schedule that takes you from crickets to being heard

What Makes The Authentic Selling® University Library So Special

You have access to only the best of the best of what’s converted in my business or my clients for the past 8 years that you can take & literally tweak to us in your own.

  • Funnels
  • Sales Pages
  • Follow-ups 
  • Sales Emails
  • Media Pitches
  • Social Media 

“What’s different about the Authentic Selling® University Library is that the Take-n-Tweaks are actually Take-n-Tweaks for every business. You can shape them and mold them into what you need for your business very easily.”

“Whenever I feel stuck while writing a funnel, an email, a follow up a launch campaign, etc... I simply do another dive into Kendrick's take 'n' tweak library, find the file that's right for the situation, copy and paste it, then tweak it a bit to make it my own.”

Not only will you get all of the best material that is proven to convert that you can use in your own business.  

You will also have access to the 10-minute videos that walk you through the foundational steps of selling so you can begin taking steps to recreate the success for your own business.

“The Authentic Selling® University Library is like having a sales expert sitting next to you, showing you precisely how to use the written word to navigate each and every single situation that may arise in your business.”

here's what the students are saying

“What I've been telling people is that the investment will make you more money than you spent.”

“There are so many templates on almost anything you'll come up against.”

“It finally got me from a blank page where I was trying to write copy to a complete website and sales funnel

“The Authentic Selling® University Library is a game-changer. No more overthinking a response and staring at a blank email unsure of what to say.

 Now I know how to respond and it’s SO much better than what I would spend hours coming up with on my own.

 The sales I’ve closed using the Take-n-tweak follow-ups has far exceeded the investment.

“I would pay over $2,500 for this library. At $500 STEAL!”

Every single word above is actual feedback from students who have used the Authentic Selling® University Library to create Results, Revenue, & Raving Fans In their Business.

Get Immediate Access to the resources that have helped to generate millions of dollars in my own business, and those who have enrolled in Authentic Selling® University


*The FULL Authentic Selling® University Library Payment Can Be Applied To Authentic Selling® University Tuition If You Decide To Enroll

If you have questions about the Authentic Selling® University Library email

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the Authentic Selling® University Library

Real emails that have already proven to convert

A sales page formula to take the pain away from writing copy with examples of sales pages that work

An actual plan that was responsible for a 500k launch

Entire sales funnels responsible for multiple six-figure launches 

Take-n-Tweak follow-up emails to use when your customers tell you they can’t afford your services.

Social media plan for launches and to cut through the noise of the crowded online world.

All you need to do is tweak to your business

See you on the inside!

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